B2B webshop

Shoxl e-commerce software can be used effectively for consumer-oriented webshops and for business environments. In fact, our webshop technology has its roots in the B2B segment.


Webshops in a B2B environment

A B2B webshop sometimes differs subtly from a consumer-oriented shop; those differences may occasionally be significant. There are key differences in aspects like invoicing, pricing, repeat orders and links to back-office systems.

In a very real sense, business purchasers are consumers too. The rapid developments in B2C online shopping are raising expectations on business transactions too. A B2B webshop can no longer get away with offering fewer facilities than a B2C shop. 

At Shoxl, we are familiar with both segments; our webshop solutions combine the best of both worlds.


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Expedited order

Your clients know what they want. They often already know all the details, right down to the product number. Options for assembling an order quickly are very much appreciated. Shoxl shops offer smart solutions. Like a fast ordering option, where your clients can just enter product numbers and quantities. Or an overview of product variants where the preferred quantity for each variant (e.g. sizes/colors) can be entered in a single screen.

Orders, invoices and payments

In a business environment, clients often order on account, and you have your own administrative system to handle invoicing. Business clients pay on an invoice basis, not via a PSP. The process of handling orders in a B2B webshop is different than in a B2C environment. Consumers also have different rights than business clients. At Shoxl, we are very familiar with the differences, and our e-commerce software responds appropriately.

Client-specific prices

Client-specific price agreements can be very complex, and a simple index is often completely inadequate to cover those complexities. Shoxl e-commerce software is equipped with standard interfaces for ERP systems, including client data and prices. Unregistered clients see your gross rates (or no prices at all), while your regular business contacts see the prices they expect. Including all the discounts agreed for bulk purchases or combined orders.

XML and EDI messages

Orders from a B2B webshop are sent to your ERP system in XML format or as EDI messages. Or they can be sent directly to your own supplier, of course, if you use a drop-shipping model for all or part of your products.


A B2B webshop with the charm and ease of a B2C shop.

We would be happy to brainstorm with you about it.