Microsoft Dynamics e-commerce



Shoxl Enterprise Edition for Microsoft Dynamics offers all the facilities of our e-commerce platform,
in combination with perfect integration with your  Dynamics AX or Dynamics NAV system.



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E-commerce platform voor Microsoft Dynamics AX/NAV


Shoxl Enterprise webshop software is fully adaptable to your preferences and offers you all the facilities you need for a successful online business. With a Shoxl webshop, you can process large numbers of orders with ease, resting assured that you can count on the Shoxl Enterprise e-commerce platform.

Shoxl Enterprise for Microsoft Dynamics webshop bestaat uit het Shoxl Enterprise e-commerce platform, gecombineerd met een geavanceerde interface met Dynamics AX of Dynamics NAV. 

The Shoxl Enterprise for Microsoft Dynamics webshop is optimized for real-time interaction with Dynamics NAV and Dynamics AX. This edition includes batch and real-time interfaces to Microsoft Dynamics. Your Microsoft Dynamics system will integrate seamlessly with your online shop.



Complementary to your Microsoft Dynamics AX & NAV system

Shoxl Enterprise Edition for Microsoft Dynamics meshes seamlessly with your current back office.

Vendisto, the Shoxl management system, includes optional components for product information management as well as management of client information, prices, inventory, orders, invoices and lists. Add the components you were missing and keep using all the functions you already had.




Powerful product information management (PIM) system


Shoxl Enterprise includes a comprehensive and very powerful product information (PIM) system. With this system, you can manage all your product data centrally. Since you only save product data once, you avoid inconsistencies and errors.


The Shoxl PIM system gives you the option of structuring your products in categories (product hierarchies) at however many levels you like.

An unlimited number of product features or facets can be added to the products. These product features are used to generate powerful filter and search functions that your visitors can use to navigate quickly to the product they want, as well as facilitating product comparisons. The system suggests filters automatically based on the product data available in a product category, or allows you to manually define the filters you want to offer.

The PIM system supports your efforts to standardize your product information and create relationships between products. For example, you can define complementary and alternative products and create product packages consisting of multiple products that belong together.

PIM system for Microsoft Dynamics webshops




Dynamics ecommerce software met naadloze integratie met uw Dynamics AX of Dynamics NAV systeem


Seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX & NAV


In your Microsoft Dynamics system, you manage information about clients, products, prices, inventory, orders and invoices.


All this information can be seamlessly integrated with your Shoxl Enterprise for Microsoft Dynamics webshop – in batches and in real time. Microsoft Dynamics systems can differ widely in structure, so integration with your webshop is flexible and there are various ways to allocate tasks between the shop management system and Microsoft Dynamics AX & NAV.

The protocols for communication between your Microsoft Dynamics webshop and your Microsoft Dynamics back office are fully defined and available. The protocols are implemented in close consultation with your ERP supplier, who will need to install a number of components in your Microsoft Dynamics testing and production environments.


Shoxl Enterprise e-commerce for Microsoft Dynamics

A powerful e-commerce platform, 100% integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX & NAV.

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