Webshops that adapt to your preferences

At Shoxl, we believe in standard software, not straitjackets. Our webshop software gets you off to a flying start by offering an impressive array of standard functions, and then refuses to restrict your options from there.


Flexibility as the starting point

Shoxl Cloud webshops offer a wide range of options in terms of design and layout, how your product range is structured, the choice of payment systems, links to other third-party systems, and so on.

If the standard configuration options offered by Shoxl Webshops don’t quite meet all your needs, you can always opt for Shoxl Enterprise. The Shoxl Enterprise e-commerce platform offers you all the basic functions of a high-quality webshop, which you can mix and match to your heart’s content with your own unique functionality and software components – While retaining the ability to upgrade to new versions of Shoxl! 


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Design and layout

The design for your shop is set out in HTML and in CSS. HTML defines the layout of your pages, while CSS files specify what formatting and styles are used for the page elements. All Shoxl versions give you access to all CSS files, so you are completely free to create your own unique visual identity for your webshop. If you want to take it a step farther, the Enterprise version even allows you to adapt all the HTML code to your preferences. 

Structure of the product range and shop navigation

In een Shoxl webshop definieert u zelf de structuur van uw assortiment. U bent dus vrij in productclassificatie, productkenmerken, en productvarianten. Ook alle ondersteunende informatie kunt u aanbieden op een onbeperkt aantal pagina's, die u toegankelijk kunt maken vanuit meerdere navigatiestructuren.

Configuration options

You want standard software, but not cookie-cutter style. That’s why Shoxl shops are extremely configurable. You select the solutions that suit you best, choosing from a wide-ranging palette of possibilities. 

Additional components

We don’t want to talk ourselves down, but running your e-business may involve more than just our Shoxl webshop software. You may need solid administrative software, for example, or a good logistics partner. Shoxl offers links to the most popular solution in related areas, so you have a single, seamlessly functioning solution for your entire company.

Adapting standard functionalities

If the standard options do not work for you, there’s no need to worry: in the Enterprise version, every single element of the shop can be adapted to your preferences. This adaptability goes far beyond just selecting from the current palette of options: you can define how you want it look and work from the bare bones on up.


Want to know more about customized shops?

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