MS Azure hosting



Shoxl is a high-end ecommerce platform with a powerful PIM system,
combine it with Microsoft Azure for unparalleled performance and scalability.



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E-commerce platform with Azure hosting

Shoxl has a performance-based architecture, to facilitate a fast responding webshop. Microsoft Azures cloud infrastructure allows you to seamlessly scale up or down in accordance with the growth of your business. So, the Shoxl platform can ensure high performance, even with large product ranges and very high visitor numbers.


Stop paying for unused capacity


Some customers with dedicated servers had to pay for unused server capacity, while barely ever needing this space. They did however wanted the reliability of a dedicated server. Cloud hosting now enables us to offer a flexible server load to our customers.

You do not have to pay for unused capacity. However when your webshop load increases, extra capacity is immediately available. We chose to partner up with Azure to realize this, because of Azure's seamless fit with our .NET based platform.


Miscrosoft Azure

Shoxl Azure hosting benefits

  • No more paying for server capacity that is never used, because of Azure’s scalability options.
  • Microsoft Azure’s reliability assures a fast loading webshop, even in situations that demand high capacity. 

Shoxl Enterprise e-commerce with Azure hosting.

For a reliable, fast loading webshop. Even in high capacity demanding situations.

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