Shoxl Enterprise Edition



The Shoxl Enterprise Edition e-commerce platform offers a scalable e-commerce solution for the most demanding webshops. There is no limit to how far you can adapt or expand Shoxl Enterprise webshops, and they meet the highest standards of quality.



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Performance and scalability

Excellent performance and response times, even for extensive product ranges and during peak visitor periods.

Advanced product data management

No limits on product categories and features, with powerful search and filter functions.

Adaptability and ERP links

Webshop software that adapts to your company, while retaining comprehensive growth options.




E-commerce platform with ERP integration

Shoxl Enterprise Edition focuses on companies that process high volumes. Shoxl Enterprise e-commerce software is fully scalable and offers the highest possible guarantees for reliability and up-time.

Shoxl Enterprise has a flexible structure and standard interfaces with ERP packages. The distribution of tasks between the ERP package and the e-commerce platform depends on your preferences and the options offered by the ERP package.

Separate versions of Shoxl Enterprise are available for SAP and for Microsoft Dynamics.

Powerful PIM system

Shoxl Enterprise offers extensive options for product information management (PIM). With Shoxl Enterprise, you manage all your commercial product data in a single central point.

The Shoxl PIM system gives you the option of structuring your products in categories (product hierarchies) at however many levels you like. An unlimited number of product features or facets can be added to the products. These product features are used to generate powerful filter and search functions that your visitors can use to navigate quickly to the product they want, as well as facilitating product comparisons.


Features of Shoxl Enterprise Edition

Number of webshops
Manage an unlimited number of webshops from a single management environment. Benefit from a single central back office (product data management, order processing, inventory management) for all these webshops.

Scope and complexity of the product range
There are no limits on the number of products, the number of product features, or the complexity of your navigation. Error-free product range handling for extremely diverse products and product features.

Filter facilities
Dynamic filter generation and instant display of filtered product sets, so your clients can rapidly find what they’re looking for.

Search technology
Performance architecture for search functions, based on non-relational document database technology. Near-unlimited scaling without performance loss.

Links to ERP packages
SStandard interface for real-time and batch links to all major ERP packages: SAP, Navision, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Exact and dozens of other back-office packages.

Staging environment
Options for a staging environment for a controlled go-live of major changes in product range or layout.

Software Development Kit (SDK)
Unlimited options for expansion and modification, including the core functionalities, while retaining upgrade options.

Redundant implementation of hosting environment
Options for redundancy in crucial components – or the entire infrastructure.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Option for 24/7 support. And you’ll always enjoy the constant commitment of the Shoxl technical support team.


webshop invoice prices  

Shoxl Enterprise Edition is attractively priced. The investment you make depends on how many licenses you need, which modifications and expansions you request, and the hardware configuration you need.

We would be happy to offer you a price quote, no strings attached.



Price quote

Investment elements


Shop licenses

The Shoxl Enterprise Edition License consists of the following modules: the basic license, the ERP License, the SDK license and the Staging License.

Set-up and Configuration

Installation of the webshop software on a shared or dedicated server, and configuration of the software according to your specifications.


Any modifications and expansions you want will be budgeted in advance. You will need the SDK license if you want to be able to change the software.

Maintenance contract

The optional maintenance contract entitles you to minor and major upgrades without additional costs, plus installation of the upgrades (if you are hosting on the Shoxl infrastructure).


Shoxl Enterprise offers a wide range of hosting options, varying from a shared hosting environment to a load-balanced infrastructure that has lots of servers.


Various service levels are available for hosting and at the application level.

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