All the tools to manage large product ranges

Large product ranges place higher demands on your webshop. This affects product information management (PIM) as well as the facilities that you offer your visitors to find the product they’re looking for as quickly as possible.


Product Information Management

At Shoxl, we understand the challenge that large webshops face in managing and providing access to large product ranges.  

On the management end we offer an advanced product information management system. Our PIM system offers options that you can use to divide your product range into any category system you want, add any type of feature to product specifications, classify product variations in detail screens or in product tables, and create complex relationships between products. You can also import and link products in large batches.  

In the webshop, we provide powerful search and filter options that make it easy for visitors to navigate through your product range.   


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Flexible classifications

Shoxl webshops are not subject to limitations on structuring your product range into groups and subgroups. There is no limit to how many levels you introduce in your product hierarchy. If you sell your products in several shops or sub-shops, it’s not a problem at all to use multiple classifications for the same product range.

Unlimited number of product features

Effective search and filter options make it necessary to define product characteristics as individual features of the products. These product features also need to be standardized wherever possible. This is one of the biggest challenges facing any large webshop. Shoxl shops and the Vendisto back office that goes with them facilitate an unlimited number of product features and actively support standardization of those features.

Product variants and product tables

Products that have many different features and come in lots of different variants are easiest to display in product tables. Products that only have a few features and minimal variants, in contrast, do not work well in product tables; a drop-down menu per product features is clearer in those cases. Shoxl shops facilitate both display styles.

Automated filter formation

In a Shoxl shop, filters are created automatically based on the features found within a classification level or search result. The shop owner can specify which product features are significant, which influences how filters are ranked. You can configure settings for the level that filtering should start at. In a homogeneous product range, for instance, you can opt to display the products at the level of the shop. If your product range is very diverse, on the other hand, you may prefer to have filters start at the subgroup level.  

Powerful import/export options

Product data, classifications and price details can be imported and exported in various formats: Excel, XML and CSV. You can easily use the powerful Excel facilities to make changes to selected data sets. The importer software will notify you of any errors and incomplete data in the file you select.

Links to ERP systems

Shoxl Enterprise includes a standard interface for a link with ERP systems. Data ownership can be placed with the ERP system or with Shoxl (Vendisto). In most cases, you’ll maintain classifications and all commercial product data in Vendisto, and product master data in your ERP software.

Focus on performance

The bigger your shop gets, the more complex it is to guarantee a rapid response. Shoxl shops were designed from the ground up to achieve high performance under high-stress conditions.


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