Webshops that stand out from the crowd

Your webshop is a key element in your mix of business communications. Shoxl webshops do not use off-the-shelf templates, so they’re never average or boring. All our webshops are crafted by professional designers, adapted to your preferences and in line with your brand identity. 


webshop design features

Ultimate flexibility in design


Design and functionality are kept strictly separate in Shoxl. This approach makes it possible for you to change aspects of the design without affecting the underlying system. All the elements are formatted in Cascading Style Sheets and can easily be modified in all versions of Shoxl.

Shoxl Cloud offers a wide range of options for layouts and page element positions, including the shopping cart and special offer blocks. In Shoxl Enterprise Edition, you can also opt for a completely unique layout by editing the HTML code.

Do-it-yourself or outsource your shop design


If you have your own designers or CSS experts, you can handle the entire design process for your shop if you prefer. All CSS can be edited via the Vendisto shop management system.

If you do have designers, but don’t have access to CSS expertise, just send us a shop design in Photoshop and our experts will convert it into CSS.

Prefer to outsource the entire design process for your shop? Not a problem. We’d be happy to handle it all for you, delivering a professional design that suits your brand and persuades your visitors to purchase.

outsource webshop design
mobile responsive webshop

Mobile version included


Your visitors and buyers increasingly use mobile platforms for browsing. That makes it absolutely vital for your webshop to look good on a smartphone and tablet as well.

Shoxl shops are responsive right out of the box, based on Twitter’s Bootstrap technology. As a result, Shoxl shops automatically adapt to the capabilities of the device used by the viewer. In other words, your Shoxl shop also gives you a mobile version of your webshop by default, without any extra investments.


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