Your system for webshop management: Vendisto

For all your webshop management needs, you have access to a state-of-the-art system aptly named Vendisto. The system has a modular structure and can also work effectively with your own ERP system as needed.


Product Data Management

Classifications and product features

Products can be grouped in classifications with an unlimited number of levels. At the lowest level of the hierarchy, you can opt to display product tables. Product features can be defined without restrictions. These features are then used in the shop for filters, search functions and sorting.

Consistency and data quality

In a large product range, consistency and complete product data are constant considerations. Vendisto offers tools that support you in monitoring data quality. This includes input monitoring as well as report-based monitoring after the fact.


Import and export

All product data can be exported and imported in XML and Excel format. This means that you can use the Vendisto interface for product data maintenance, or opt for the data set change functions offered by Excel. Imports are subjected to strict quality control to prevent inconsistent product data.

Link with ERP product data

Vendisto can be linked to ERP systems. In that case, the ERP system handles master data maintenance. All information that cannot be imported into the ERP system can be maintained in Vendisto.

Content Management

Unlimited number of navigation links

Content can be added in an unlimited number of pages and navigation links; you can also link to the same content from various navigation items, if you want.

Unlimited number of pages

There is no limit on the number of pages in your webshop. You have a powerful, user-friendly HTML editor for page maintenance.

Operational Management

Order Management

The Vendisto order module offers a clearly structured overview of orders and order status updates. You can see immediately which new orders have come in and what their payment status is. Vendisto allows you to make selections easily and apply changes to an entire selection. For example, you can select all the orders that are ready to ship, generate packing slips, and manage your shipper(s) logistical processes.

Inventory Management

Vendisto supports drop-shipping and various models for you to handle independent inventory management. Even combinations of both inventory management models and multiple storage locations will not be a problem. Orders and deliveries immediately update the available and technical inventory, as do cancelled orders and returns. The shop displays the current inventory status, and offers the option for exceptional handling of products that will be discontinued and products from current collections.

Purchasing Management

If a (minimum) inventory level is exceeded, you will be notified automatically. Vendisto automatically generates purchasing proposals and purchase orders based on client-specific rules. Received items and purchase invoices are processed automatically.

Client Management

The client module offers an overview of all the clients who opened an account. Multiple users can be registered under a single client. All the client information that is entered can be edited.

Returns Management

Vendisto supports your Return Material Authorization (RMA) procedure. The RMA procedure is how you authorize returns, allowing you to track the status of a return shipment based on a unique reference issued previously.

Invoice Management

Your invoice will follow your product shipment. Invoices can be sent by post or printed and enclosed with the shipment. Invoices and packing slips can be laid out in complete accordance with your company style and generated in PDF format.

ERP Links

Vendisto is a complete back-office system; we like to refer to it as a ‘mini-ERP’ system. If you already have your own ERP system, however – SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Navision or software from one of the smaller ERP companies, for example – it’s not a problem. Vendisto is an open system, so information about orders, clients, invoicing information and products can also be managed externally.

Vendisto is integrated with various standard ERP systems and offers an open interface for the link with client-specific ERP systems. This link can be fully automated. You can opt to synchronize your shop and ERP system at set times or have data retrieved in real time. Vendisto also offers options for manual import and export of data like inventory details and prices. This manual option can be convenient when an automated link is difficult to establish.

Reports & statistics

Vendisto provides various useful reports about turnover, orders, inventory, products and clients. For example, you can view the development in sales figures per product category or see your top 10 clients and how often they order. If the overview you need isn’t provided by default, it’s easy to generate an export that can be edited in Excel or your OLAP tools. You can use Google Analytics or any other statistics software for your visitor statistics and conversion analyses. Google Tag Manager makes it easy for you to manage your own tags for such packages on every page.

Multi-shop & multi-language

Shoxl Cloud

Shoxl Cloud webshops are single shops with multilingual options. What that means is that Shoxl Cloud can be used to manage a single webshop that can be displayed in multiple languages. The number of languages that are supported depends on the version you choose.


Shoxl Enterprise

Shoxl Enterprise offers an unlimited number of languages per webshop, and you can maintain an unlimited number of webshops from a single management system. You can use the same product data or subsets of that data in several webshops, even displaying them under different brands. For instance, you can set up a separate webshop for each brand, or launch the same products on the market under different labels for different prices. All orders are then processed in the same back-office system.