Online marketing

Shoxl offers an array of marketing tools to promote your webshop and convert visitors into buyers.


Search engines & advertising

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Shoxl webshops are technically 100% optimized for search engines.

Search engine-friendly URLs. URLs are readable and contain relevant information for Google. Parameters are avoided where possible. You can define short URLs yourself.

Permanent redirects. Any redirects are permanent. All the URLs you ever used for pages will continue to work. Canonicals are used.

Meta-information. All the meta-information that search engines need can be maintained via the management system. Even pages with product subsets built with filters can be equipped their own metadata.

Google site map.  Standard inclusion of a Google-oriented site map with the entire product range from the webshop.

Rich snippets. Contents of the webshop are labeled according to the HTML5 microdata specifications where relevant. These labels help search engines understand the webshop content.

AdWords integration

Product ads in Google AdWords are fed from Google’s Merchant Center. Shoxl webshops have a feed linked to this Merchant Center. Your latest product range is always highlighted in AdWords, and you can also advertise per product group.

The costs per conversion (sale) are the most important indicator for the success of your AdWords marketing campaigns. Shoxl webshops are equipped with the codes needed to measure the costs per conversion, both in AdWords and in the e-commerce section of Google Analytics.


Remarketing means showing your ads to people who have visited your webshop before, while they view other websites in the Google Display Network or search results in Google. Shoxl webshops support the remarketing tag required to facilitate this feature. You define your remarketing lists (target groups) in Google Analytics.

Affiliate marketing

Sale via affiliates is still an important source of revenue for many webshops. In your Shoxl webshop, you use the codes needed to attribute a result to a specific affiliate.

To facilitate in-depth integration with affiliates or resellers, it is also possible to make some or all of your products available to partners in the form of a product feed, or possibly even a sub-shop.

Promotional sales

Coupon codes

Shoxl webshops offer extensive options for using coupon codes. Coupon codes may apply to the entire product range, or may be used for a subset of products. They can be set to work several times or only once. It is also possible to set a percentage-based discount or a fixed amount, define maximum and minimum amounts for total purchase and discount, and so on.

Promotional offers

You have extensive options to promote specific products or product groups on your webshop’s homepage, or on any page you like. To make it easier to choose which products to promote, you have access to lists of bestsellers, most frequently viewed products, and new products.

On the product detail page, you can display the products that the webshop visitor viewed last. Cross-selling can be encouraged by displaying related products, and by notifying visitors of the products purchased by other visitors who viewed the same product.

Combined discount offers

Promotional offers like “2 for the price of 1”, “3 for 2”, “buy 3 get 1 free” and all possible variations on these themes are available by default in the shoxl webshops. if clients do not select the combination that gives them the best discount, they will see a suggestion of how to optimize their choice. in some cases, the shopping cart can even automatically be updated to provide a better deal.

Product promotions

Upselling and cross-selling

You can use the upselling and cross-selling options of a Shoxl webshop to let your visitors know about products that they may be interested in. These could be related or complementary products, or products purchased by visitors who have a similar profile.

You can display these products with the product your visitors are already interested in, or – like in a brick-and-mortar store – at checkout.


Shopping reminders

Clients who added items to their shopping cart but left your shop without making a purchase will receive a reminder by email. This email reminds them to complete their order. Obviously, this process only works if your visitor left an email address during the visit.

Social Tools

Product Reviews

Shoxl offers you the option to list product reviews on product pages and to gauge overall client satisfaction with the products that were delivered or with your webshop. You use third-party tools to measure client satisfaction, then display the results in your webshop by adding one of the widgets designed for the purpose.

Social media

After completing the purchase process, your customers will see a thank-you page that includes the option to let their friends know about their purchase by posting it on Twitter or Facebook or sending an email.



No measurements mean no visible improvements. In Shoxl, you use the advanced analysis options offered by Google Analytics or another tool of your preference to understand which client segments earn most, which products generate the most turnover, the costs per sale for AdWords campaigns, etc. You can use Tag Manager again to handle tagging.

A/B testing

You can use an A/B test to see which variation on a page or page element leads to the highest conversion rate. In Shoxl, you have access to all the facilities of Google Analytics Experiments for the content pages of your webshops, although you can of course use other external tools for this purpose. Google Tag Manager can be used to add any tags you need.