Shoxl Partner Network

Shoxl is supplied by a wide network of e-commerce professionals. Interested in contributing to (and benefiting from) the growth of this successful e-commerce platform? You’ve come to the right place.



Affiliate Partners


The Shoxl affiliate program rewards partners for Shoxl referrals. Referrals can simply mean posting a link on your website, but you could also actively let your contacts know about the Shoxl solutions. Shoxl handles all the rest directly, without requiring any further involvement from you.

10% affiliate fee

Affiliates receive 10% of the invoiced amount for the entire duration of the contract. This bonus starts from the second webshop ordered by you or via you.


Value Added Resellers


Value Added Resellers use Shoxl solutions as part of their own package of products and services. These resellers add value to the Shoxl range by providing services and expertise in the field of strategy, online marketing, design, implementation or hosting.

Based on the Shoxl platform, for example, designers can supply professional webshops quickly without technical knowledge, and SEO specialists can provide webshops that are 100% search engine optimized.

20% discount

In the Value Added Reseller model, we invoice you and you invoice your client. Value Added Resellers receive a 20% discount on our rates for the entire duration of the contract.



Systems Integrators


Shoxl was developed specifically for other developers of e-commerce solutions in a Microsoft.NET environment.

The platform contains a fully functional webshop in which every single aspect can be adapted: design and layout, but all the webshop functionalities as well. All code is unit-tested, and Systems Integrators have access to the full test suite.

Systems Integrators use the Shoxl e-commerce platform as the foundation for their own product range. In this model, the client never sees Shoxl at all.

volume-based discount

Systems Integrators receive a discount on the listed Shoxl prices based on the volume they purchase.

Want to use Shoxl as the basis for your own e-commerce solutions?

We would be happy to work with you.