Webshop performance, even when the going gets tough

How fast a webshop responds to visitor actions has a provable direct link to sales figures. Performance is not generally a big problem for webshops that have a limited range of products and few visitors. For bigger shops, however, the selection of an e-commerce platform is a crucial consideration.


Architecture to Ensure high performance

The Shoxl e-commerce platform is built for performance. These are the most important measures to guarantee fast response times, even for very large product ranges and very high visitor numbers.


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Performance database

To make management as simple as possible, all the data is stored in a relational database. Everything in the database is stored only once, making it easy to keep data consistent. However, relational structures are not the ideal solution for achieving maximum performance. In the Shoxl e-commerce platform, all the data is therefore also stored a second time in a database that has been optimized for speed.

Search database

Searching through extensive product ranges (comprising 50,000 products or more) soon becomes a slow process. Shoxl has separate databases that are synchronized at night and optimized for anticipated search strings. This guarantees an optimum search experience.

Innovative data structure

If you offer a wide range of products involving many different product categories, it may be difficult to display the right filters for your visitors to find what they’re looking for quickly. Shoxl contains technology for dynamic filter creation based on the product features found in a selection or search result. These filters remain amazingly fast, even in webshops that involve extremely diverse product types.

Scalable infrastructure

The Shoxl e-commerce platform is set up to make it simple to add servers, making it possible to keep up with rapid growth in webshop visitor numbers.


Want to achieve top performance?

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