Everything for a fantastic online shopping experience

A good webshop makes sure that visitors can easily find what they’re looking for and complete their purchase in a clearly structured checkout process. Shoxl webshops are set up to provide a pleasant shopping experience, thus boosting conversion rates.



Product range

Shoxl offers a wide range of options for structuring your homepage, product overview pages and product detail pages. The webshops are built to accommodate very extensive and varied product ranges. If product information needs to be provided in large quantities, it can be structured into product tables or separate tabs.


webshop filters and search functions


Filters and search functions

Visitors navigate through an extensive array of products by using filters. These filters are created automatically based on the product features that are provided. Filtering does not cause any perceptible delay. Shoxl webshops include optimized databases to allow for rapid ‘free format’ searches.  



Checkout process

The order process is divided into the smallest possible number of clear steps. The final step in the order process is an overview page in accordance with the guidelines of the Thuiswinkel.org sector organization. Visitors can choose between logging in to use a registered profile, or making purchases as a guest shopper. Client data is stored even without a login to make sure that the checkout process goes as smoothly as possible. 


webshop calculating shipping costs


Calculating shipping costs

Both simple and complex shipping cost calculations are easy to configure in Shoxl. Obviously, you can offer free shipping above a minimum order amount, but you can also offer variable shipping costs based on product category, weight, size, destination, or any combination of those factors. 



Payment systems

By default, Shoxl shops have direct links to various forms of iDEAL, as well as PayPal. You can also make direct use of services provided by such PSPs as Ogone, Buckaroo, Multisafepay and Docdata. 


webshop invoicing



Your Shoxl webshop includes a complete invoicing system. Invoices, packing slips and order overviews can automatically be generated in PDF in your company style and sent to the client and the webshop manager. If you prefer to have your own ERP system handle invoicing, you can set it so that the process is triggered by an XML message. 



Client portal

When clients log in, they can view their order status and order history and repeat a previous order by using favorite lists. If you also sell your products via other channels and have your shop linked to your back-office software package, you can also give clients access to an overview of orders and invoices that did not go through the webshop. 


mobile webshop


Mobile webshop

Shoxl webshops are responsive, which makes them instantly suitable for mobile visitors. You only have to maintain one shop, but that immediately gives you access to shops that are optimized for tablets and smartphones, without any extra effort on your part.




By default, Shoxl webshops are available in the most popular languages. Translating your webshop to new languages takes hardly any effort, since all the language-dependent elements have been isolated. Shoxl Cloud shops support up to 5 languages; Shoxl Enterprise offers unlimited languages. The shops also support other country-specific aspects, such as currencies and tax regulations. 


webshop security SSL connections


Security (SSL)

Personal data and other transaction are sent in an encrypted format over SSL connections. Any links to your back office through web services or batch interfaces are also encrypted. Your Shoxl webshop runs on high-security services in equally high-security data centers.




In certain cases, you are allowed to deliver goods and services without charging VAT. Shoxl webshops help you check whether the required foreign VAT numbers are valid and can generate invoices with or without VAT, in full compliance with all the prevailing regulations. The shop also includes options for displaying prices with or without VAT.






Shoxl webshops comply fully with all the statutory requirements and all recommendations issued by the sector organization for home shopping, Thuiswinkel.org. Shoxl works closely with Thuiswinkel.org and monitors all future developments as they unfold, so you can always stay that crucial step ahead of the game.



Configuration and modification

Shoxl Cloud includes a complete range of e-commerce facilities that you can configure according to your own preferences. You can also choose from a wide-ranging array of links.

Moreover, Shoxl Enterprise offers unlimited options for modifying and expanding standard functions, and can easily be combined with an ERP package.