A complete e-commerce solution

A webshop is more than just a pretty storefront. The Shoxl e-commerce platform offers all the facilities you need to help your day-to-day e-business run smoothly. Product management, order management, inventory management, integration with external parties, integration with your own administrative systems – all standard features in all Shoxl versions.



Shop design

Shoxl shops can be fully configured to your preferences, so they slot neatly into your process.

Product Management

The core of Shoxl Shops and the essence of what makes them distinctive: the product management facilities.

Content Management

Management of menu items and all content not directly product-related.

Order process

Clearly structured order process that meets all the requirements set by the Thuiswinkel.org certification authority and promotes conversion.

ERP link

Integration with back-office systems, e.g. for product data, inventory data and price data.

Client portal

Client profile maintenance, order overview (including order status), invoice overview, maintenance of favorite lists.

Order management

Your shop back office for day-to-day order management and oversight of logistical processing.


Interfaces for integration with third-party systems and for expansion/modification of the standard platform.

Why Shoxl e-commerce is better

The Shoxl e-commerce platform is based on years of experience with e-business. Here at Shoxl, we set ourselves the goal of creating a platform that would be unparalleled in terms of flexibility, scalability and options for expansion.

Our envisioned platform would finally allow even the most ambitious e-commerce entrepreneur to avoid running into frustrating limitations, facilitating seamless growth to accommodate your online success.

Product Data Management

Most webshop software is based on a simple model in which a product only has a few features. In a varied product range, however, products in different groups might have very different features that are used for options like filters and product tables. Shoxl has no problem with any of that.

Flexibility & Adaptability

Standard shop software can offer a quick, cheap start, but presents a major obstacle to your continued growth once you move beyond the beaten path. Shoxl, in contrast, offers an e-commerce framework in which every conceivable aspect can be adapted to your preferences.

Responsive right out of the box

Customers increasingly search for and purchase products on mobile devices, so it is crucial for your webshop to offer an excellent user experience on a smartphone or tablet as well. Shoxl webshops are responsive right out of the box: they automatically adapt to the viewer’s device. Mobile payment methods and other features are supported by default.

Google Integration

Visibility in Google is crucial to online success, so all our e-commerce solutions have a major focus on search engine optimization. This SEO approach ensures that high search rankings hardly take any extra effort. Instead, they are an automatic by-product of shop upkeep.

100% Microsoft .NET

Shoxl webshop software is 100% Microsoft .NET. The architecture is based on the very latest insights. For example, the shop is built entirely according to MVC principles, and all components are unit-testable. Since Shoxl only uses widely accepted standards and development principles, the software is future-proof – and you have access to a large group of developers who can implement and maintain your solution.

Robust Design

A webshop has to be reliable and needs to be able to accommodate a high peak load when needed. After all, you don’t want to lose any business by having your webshop go down temporarily. The Shoxl infrastructure incorporates comprehensive measures to maximize uptime and performance at all times.

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