Microsoft Dynamics webshop

Microsoft Dynamics webshop

The Shoxl webshop for Microsoft Dynamics expands your Microsoft Dynamics environment with e-commerce functionalities. You can continue working in your preferred manner; all that really happens is that you offer customers a new sales and service channel. Orders from your shop automatically proceed into your Dynamics installation, where you then handle them as you would any other order.

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Customer portal for Microsoft Dynamics

Customer portal for Microsoft Dynamics

A Shoxl shop not only helps you reach new potential customers, but also improves the service level to your existing customer base. The customer portal offers them insight into their order status and order history, as well as various as handing them various facilities to submit their orders more quickly – boosting your turnover, lowering your costs, and improving customer satisfaction.

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Microsoft Dynamics PIM

Microsoft Dynamics PIM

The basis for any successful webshop is quality product data. The Shoxl PIM system offers a central storage location for the commercial product information you need in your shop that cannot simply be housed in Microsoft Dynamics. In doing so, the PIM system works closely with your Microsoft Dynamics installation. Assortment changes in Microsoft Dynamics are displayed automatically in the PIM system, allowing you to supplement the information.

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If you are looking for a two-word summary of the benefits of Shoxl? The answer is: seamless integration . Or, if we are allowed a few words more: Shoxl has been specifically designed to work from the basis of your ERP-system. From its earliest stages of development, the focus has been on creating an optimum connection.

No data duplication

There is no overlap between the data in your Microsoft Dynamics environment and that in the Shoxl shop, except what is needed for performance reasons. You can maintain all of your data in a single location. Information needed in the shop is gathered in batches or in real-time – thus avoiding the potential inconsistencies that are the result of data duplication.

No function overlap

All-in-one solutions (like Magento) are designed to function as stand-alones, and are therefore also equipped with functions found in Microsoft Dynamics. Consider sending order confirmation, calculating shipping costs, or even determining item availability. Shoxl for Microsoft Dynamics does not have that overlap, but leaves all handling and calculation to Microsoft Dynamics.

No plugins

Shoxl for Microsoft Dynamics is not a Microsoft Dynamics plugin, but communicates with your Microsoft Dynamics installation through a set of clear interfaces – thus avoiding the potential for issues with plugins resulting from a Microsoft Dynamics upgrade. The strict separation between the shop and SAP offers stability and freedom to act.

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Our shop works with our Microsoft Dynamics AX (Axapta) installation flawlessly. This is essential for a fast-growing company like Tricorp.

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