2BA is the number one data distributor of item files for the installation industry. The company supports the distribution of product data among approximately 400 manufacturers, 200 wholesalers, and 2,000 installation companies. This data has been classified in compliance with ETIM standards.

The structured data in ETIM is an excellent basis for a webshop aimed at the installation industry. This data pool removes the problem of having to standardize and complete data. In 2BA, that task had shifted to the supplier instead of the user of that data.

Are you using the 2BA item database, and do you want to get started with your shop as soon as possible? Then you have come to the right place.

Shoxl voor 2BA/ETIM


2BA/ETIM and you Shoxl shop can interface seamlessly. This means shop maintenance will take next to no effort.

You export the products you wish to include in your assortment from 2BA. This selection is imported into the Shoxl PIM, after which you can further classify the data (frame it in using your own classification system) and supplement it where needed. The data then becomes visible in your shop.

Are you supplying product information to 2BA/ETIM? Shoxl PIM uses the 2BA webservices layer to supply your data to the item database.

Get your product catalogue live directly

The product data you select in 2BA/ETIM is directly available as the basis for the product catalogue in your shop. You define the required export tasks in 2BA/ETIM, and your product catalogue is filled automatically– no need to waste another thought.

Advanced filters available directly

2BA/ETIM offers a complete and extensive collection of product characteristics, making it the perfect basis for a top-quality webshop with high-quality filtering facilities. Once your shop is supplied with 2BA/ETIM product characteristics, all filters are also directly available.

Enrich your 2BA/ETIM product data

If the information in the 2BA/ETIM is sufficient for your shop, then upload it directly. If you want to enrich the data further, then use 2BA/ETIM as the basis for your data in the Shoxl PIM system.