Sometimes, it may seem as though there are no other ERP systems besides SAP and Dynamics. But that could not be further from the truth: entrepreneurs the world over are using branch-specific solutions. Some a bit older, some a bit less accessible, some simply too specialist to be popular among the general public.

But whatever your ERP-system’s background: things would have to take a very strange turn before Shoxl should not be considered as offering an excellent e-commerce expansion.

Your ERP

Interfacing is the name of the game 

There is a fairly broad selection of shop software on the market – but not every shop can communicate with every ERP-system. The most important challenges in e-commerce projects tend to occur in the field of interfacing.

Shoxl shops offer a wide range of interfacing possibilities, varying from advanced webservices to facilities for batch data import and export to direct interfacing with underlying databases. Shoxl shops use what is available.

Even systems that are extremely inaccessible can always rely on our ERP-cache: a software layer that expands ERP-systems with all required interfacing possibilities.

More about ERP-integratie

Our AGP (now Kerridge) installation interfaces seamlessly with Shoxl Shop and ScannerApp. We were able to switch to modern e-commerce environment without the change having too much of an impact on our back-office processes.

Roy Broods / Commerciele director


The Shoxl for Exact e-commerce platform complements your ERP environment with e-commerce functionalities. You continue to work as you always have; all that happens, is that you get a new sales and service channel. Orders from the shop are handled in exactly the same way as orders from any other channel. More about Shoxl Shops

Customer portal

A Shoxl shop not only helps you reach new potential customers, but also improves the service level to your existing customer base. The customer portal offers them insight into their order status and order history, as well as various as handing them various facilities to submit their orders more quickly – boosting your turnover, lowering your costs, and improving customer satisfaction. More about Shoxl Customer portals


The basis for any successful webshop is quality product data. The Shoxl PIM system offers a central storage location for the commercial product information you need in your shop that cannot simply be housed in your ERP system. In doing so, the PIM system works closely with your ERP installation. Assortment changes in the ERP system are displayed automatically in the PIM system, allowing you to supplement the information. More about Shoxl Product Information Management

More information?

If so, the answers to your questions may already be included next to this paragraph. But if they are not, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to the possibilities for your ERP system.



Shoxl shops are cloud-based. This means we do not install anything on your server. The shop communicates with your ERP-system via secure connections. Therefore, a system that runs on your own network is not necessarily an issue – more important is the interfacing options your system provides.


For some shop functions, real-time access to the ERP-system is very desirable – consider displaying an updated inventory. But if your system does not allow direct access in any way, the only option is to use semi real-time. This means there may be a lag between the most current data and the data displayed. In practice, this does not need to result in issues.


Any signed in account receivable will be shown their own prices in a Shoxl shop. These prices are gathered from the ERP in real-time. If the ERP does not offer a possibility for current price retrieval (for specific clients, items, quantities), the shop will need to make the calculations itself. We are happy to personally discuss the practical ramifications for your specific situation.