Capturing visitors calls for a clear concept, designed with accessibility and appeal in mind, and implemented throughout the furthest corners of your website. This improves visitor confidence in your brand with a single click, ensuring they do not abandon your shop before completing their order.

In terms of design, Shoxl shops offer all freedom, allowing you to apply the look that matches your business.

Shop Design
Clear product catalog


Shoxl offers a wide range of possibilities for the layout of your homepage, product overview pages, and product detail pages. The webshops are suitable for very large or varied assortments. In case of extensive product details, information can be located in item tables or separate tabs.

Powerful filtering


Filters are extremely important, particularly for large assortments. Filtering helps visitors quickly reduce a set of search results to products that meet their most important demands. Designing and maintaining filters, however, can be a time and work consuming activity, particularly if there is a large number of product characteristics.

The Shoxl e-commerce framework incorporates unique technology which fully automates the construction of the set of filters on a category page or for a search result. No need for you to waste another second.

quick order


Often, your business clients will have a good idea of what it is they want. They are mainly helped by the ability to rapidly construct an order list. The “quick order” facilities in the Shoxl platform make it possible to fill a shopping basket by only entering an item number, or by uploading a simple file with item numbers and order amounts.

Additionally, the order process can be sped up by entering the order amount for each variant in an item group, and subsequently adding all order lines to the shopping basket in one go. And, of course, repeating previous orders or using preference lists are tried and true methods of quickly filling a shopping basket.

Easy order process


Once a visitor places a product in their shopping basket, the number of barriers between that moment and the actual purchase should, of course, be minimized. The Shoxl order process adjusts itself to the visitor, who is shown, for example, only the relevant payment options. A known client who tends to buy on credit will not be taken to a payment screen at all, for example. Visitors who only buy from a dealer are given the option to select a one. The order process can be designed with flexibility to distinct client groups in mind, always complying with the demands of your ERP-system.

Made for large assortments

Shoxl shops handle large and varied assortments effortlessly. The Shoxl performance architecture ensures that the scope of the assortment has zero influence of the shop’s speed.

Multi-lingual and multi-national

Global online business? The Shoxl shops support a large number of languages as standard, and can easily be expanded to incorporate new languages. The same goes for currencies.

Focus on B2B

B2B shops differ from B2C shops in more than one area, for example in terms of (client-specific) pricing. The Shoxl e-commerce platform offers full support for both B2B and B2C e-commerce.


Shoxl makes a standard division between users, classifying them into one of three groups: incidentals, locally registered incidentals, and ERP registered clients. You can approach each group in its own appropriate manner.

Advanced authorizations

A distinguishing characteristic of the Shoxl e-commerce platform is its advanced authorizations, which allow you to determine which products to display to which audiences in detail.

Quick orders

The possibility to compile an order quickly is how Shoxl removes all barriers for clients, even those whose main interest is in the rapid data-entry of large numbers of order lines.

Want to know more?

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But if they are not, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to answer any questions that may occur.



Your business is one-of-a-kind – but what you prefer is a standard solution. Shoxl is able to meet those conflicting demands through its extensive number of settings, making it possibly to calibrate your shop to meet your demands without detracting from the software’s standardized nature.

And in the unlikely case that your demands do not fall within the standard, Shoxl offers the option of custom adjustment and expansions, which are strictly separated from the software’s standardized core – letting you benefit from new shop software releases.


Shoxl shops are "out of the box" responsive. After all, the growth of the use of mobile devices is continuing at a rapidly accelerated pace, and it is becoming increasingly important to create mobile device-optimate experiences for those platforms. A responsive solution creates a single shop whose layout automatically adjusts to whichever device is being used to access it – making it just as easy for your customers to order your products on the go or at home as from behind their desk.