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An architecture that gives you total freedom

The Shoxl e-commerce platform offers everything that is needed for success with ecommerce. We are probably not the only ones in this. However, Shoxl is unique in the strict architectural separation between the webshop software, the PIM system and ERP components.

This offers you a great choice: you can combine Shoxl components easily and without overlap with the systems you already work with within your company, or opt for a mix-and-match solution with solutions from multiple suppliers. And even if you opt for the full Shoxl solution, you naturally retain all flexibility and supplier independence

Shoxl Architecture: flexibility through separation of Shop, ERP and PIM

YOUR ERP system as a starting point

Your ERP system is the core of your company. On the commercial side, it describes things like your asortiment building, price agreements, and order history. On the logistics side it gives clarity about things like order processing, backlogs, delivery times, and inventory levels.

Shoxl shops communicate with your ERP system according to a standardized interface. So you will continue to work the way you are used to. The shop is not more (or less) than an additional sales and service channel.

The efficiency gain is enormous. Your customers enter their orders themselves. Re-typing is no longer necessary, and mistakes are no longer made. Your customers have access to order status and invoices therefore call less.

Shoxl ecommerce modules

Webshop software

Our webshop module forms the core of the Shoxl platform. The main functions are the product catalog, the ordering process, and a customer portal that gives your customers access to information about order status and order history.

Shoxl B2B Shop Technische Groothandel

Our shop software offers you all the functionalities that you can expect in a state-of-the-art webshop, whether it is B2B or B2C. The shops are standard responsive. In terms of shop design and content structure it gives you total freedom.

Product Information Management

With the Shoxl product management (PIM) module you manage all commercial product data in a central location. Think of commercial product descriptions, photo and video material, brochures and manuals.

Shoxl PIM - Product Information Management

With the PIM system you can also provide products with an unlimited number of features. This forms the basis for the extensive filtering and search facilities in your webshop.

ERP Integration

Shoxl offers standard integration with many ERP systems, including Microsoft Dynamics and SAP. Orders will therefore directly enter your ERP system. Inventory information is retrieved from your ERP system in real-time. Customer and price information also comes from your ERP system.

Shoxl ERP Interfaces

The role of your ERP system therefore remains unchanged; it will only add a new sales channel, that is seamlessly integrated with your existing back-office.

"Within 3 months of going live we saw more than 50% of our orders enter via our Shoxl shop.
Now it has risen to 80%. This has decreased the workload of our office staff, and increased the capacity for our service level. "

Robbert Maas, Marketing Executive Tricorp

Shoxl ERP interfaces

The Shoxl e-commerce framework contains a standardized layer that ensures
for easy exchange of information between shop and ERP system

Orders and order history, invoices and invoice history


Gross prices and price agreements (customer-specific discounts)

Authorizations (access customers to sub-assortments)



Do you work with a different ERP system? No problem, we can integrate any system.