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Shoxl delivers webshop software and a state-of-the-art e-commerce platform. We focus on companies that have the highest standards for their online sales channel.


Standard webshop software


Shoxl Cloud: webshops on a subscription basis

If your preferences can be served by our standard range of webshops, you may want to opt for a Shoxl Cloud webshop.

A Shoxl Cloud webshop encompasses all the facilities for the demanding e-commerce entrepreneur and can be tailored to your specific preferences to an amazing level of  detail.

No installation required. Maintenance and support are included in the fixed monthly subscription price.


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Custom enterprise-class webshops


Shoxl Enterprise: adaptable e-commerce platform

If you have highly specific preferences, purchase a software license and opt for the Shoxl Enterprise e-commerce platform.

Almost any aspect of your webshop can be adapted to your preferences. This version also includes a standard interface with your ERP package. SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and other popular packages are all supported.  

Shoxl Enterprise is hosted separately and can be scaled up to accommodate any number of visitors.


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