The Shoxl shop offers a ready-made and new distribution channel for your products. As standard, this shop includes an extensive product catalogue, with advanced facilities for filtering and search assortments, and a flexibly customizable order process. These standard functionalities can easily be expanded with custom components.

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Scan App

Scan app

In a B2B environment, it is important to have possibilities for rapid order entry. Therefore, Shoxl offers solutions such as our scanner app, making it easy to rapidly fill a shopping basket by scanning EANs or GTIN.

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The Shoxl platform offers your clients direct access to the ERP-system. Your clients can view order statuses and order history online, and can repeat orders directly and rapidly. This improves customer satisfaction – and lowers pressure on your back office.

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The Shoxl PIM system offers central storage for all product information that you cannot easily structure into your ERP system, such as images or extensive product details. This information is not only convenient for your shop, but also for other channels you may want to supply with product information (such as dealers or data pools).

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The Shoxl platform is the perfect basis for your total online presence. It lets you create multiple websites and shops easily, using a single central management system. All product details can be stored in the PIM system; other content (general information, news, and suchlike) are managed using Shoxl CMS.

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ERP Integratie

In the Shoxl architecture, you can continue to use your ERP system as you have always done. The Shoxl platform encompasses a set of interfaces with your ERP-system which ensure your new shop and ERP-system are always in sync. Interfaces are available for all popular ERP-systems.

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Microsoft .NET

Shoxl is fully based on Microsoft technology. Microsoft .NET is the de-facto standard in terms of business-critical applications. Moreover, the global acceptance of this technology prevents excessive dependence on specific suppliers.


Shoxl webshops are suitable for extensive assortments and high visitor numbers. To handle both these examples of large numbers with ease, an advance performance-architecture, fully focused on rapidly serving data, has been developed.


Shoxl webshops are created using state-of-the-art tools and technology. The entire system is MVC-based and the management system is an advanced Single-Page Application. All components have been unit-tested.

Microsoft Azure

Shoxl is 100% cloud-based. The solution is fully hosted on Microsoft Azure, a flexible and first-class platform for cloud computing that guarantees scalability and high-level availability.