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Available out-of-the-box
and cloud-based

The Shoxl ordering portal for Exact is a standard product, and thus immediately deployable and available. The order portal runs entirely in the cloud. Nothing needs to be installed locally.

Management takes place entirely in Exact, so you don't have to hassle with new tools. In fact, all you have to do is order the ordering portal. We can't make it any easier.

Shop Design

Ordering online

Visitors will see (after logging in) the item categories you have defined in Exact in the form of tiles. Clicking on a category will access a list of all the items you have associated with that category. From that list they can order directly, or click through to an item screen with a little more detail, including available stock.

The price for an item for a customer is calculated by first checking whether there are specific price agreements with that customer. If there are not, it is checked whether the item appears in the price list associated with the customer, or in a general price list. If no customer-specific price is found, the gross item price is reverted to.

For representatives

The (optional) representative module allows your representatives to enter their customers' orders through the order portal.

In Exact, for a customer, you specify who will act as the relationship manager / account manager. When a representative logs in, a list of all linked customers will appear. The representative selects the customer in question and can start entering the order.

Clear Check Out Process

After the shopping cart is filled, a clear and fast ordering process follows. Invoice and shipping addresses are retrieved from Exact. The same goes for payment methods, payment terms and any payment discounts. If a customer is not allowed to buy on account, that option will not be shown in the portal either. And if you want online payments, a link to Payment Service Provider Mollie is available.

Orders from the order portal are visible almost immediately in Exact, where you handle them in exactly the same way as orders from other channels.

My Account

The "my account" section of the order portal shows order history, including pending orders with their status.

A useful part of order history is to put orders back into the shopping basket. That shopping basket can also be quickly filled by uploading a simple file with item numbers and quantities. In addition, the "my account" section offers the ability to add a list of favorite items to an order in one action.

In short, with the portal, your customer gets a handy tool that makes ordering easier and faster, and takes the work off your hands to enter those orders into Exact.


Eenvoudig orderproces

Management in Exact

To manage your Exact ordering portal, you use ... indeed, Exact, and nothing but Exact.

Giving a customer access to the portal requires nothing more than a simple check mark in Exact. The same is true for selecting the items you want to include. Managing pricing and inventory information doesn't require you to do anything extra at all. and as mentioned, portal orders appear automatically in Exact and you handle them like any other order.

Thus, the management effort involved in the ordering portal is minimal. A Shoxl ordering portal quickly becomes a very normal part of your business operations, requiring hardly any extra attention.

Fully cloud-based

Because your ordering portal runs entirely in the cloud, you have nothing to worry about. No technical management, always equipped with the latest security updates, and always up-to-date in terms of version.


The ordering portal knows which platform (desktop, tablet, mobile) it is being viewed on, and is automatically optimized for that platform. Your customer orders as easily from the couch as from behind the desk.

Exact limits

The portal respects Exact's strict rules on the number of retrievals. By cleverly storing data that does not change often locally, you also enjoy better performance.

Neutral design

Your order portal has a neutral design, which can be adapted to your corporate identity in terms of main colors and logo. The portal thus always integrates seamlessly with your other online expressions.


By default, your portal will be available on the domain [yourshopname].shoxl.shop. But just as easily, we run the portal on your own domain, and send all customer communication from there.

Seamless growth

Shoxl ordering portals are part of a family of e-commerce products. Need ordering capabilities for passersby? Do business in more languages? A custom design? You easily switch to a Shoxl shop for Exact.

Choose the plan that suits you

Shoxl Portal Edition for Exact is available in several versions: three for Exact Online, and one for Exact Globe.


for Exact Online

All basic functions for online ordering, in a clear portal. For smaller ranges.


No start-up costs


for Exact Online

Additional tools to help your customers order faster (and more). Suitable for larger assortments and expandable with PIM.


No start-up costs


for Exact Online

All in Standard, plus multiple orderers per customer, each with different roles and permissions.


No start-up costs


for Exact Globe

Similar to the Professional version for Exact Online. Includes on-premise installation of SmartConnector, our interface with Globe.

on demand


Compare Versions

With each of the available portal versions, you make life a little more fun and easier for your customers and for yourself. For your customers because they can easily enter orders and have instant clarity on pricing and availability. And for yourself because with that self-entry of orders, your customers take over a number of tasks from you.

In addition, the Standard and Professional versions go one step further. These versions are packed with smart facilities that make the buying process as easy as possible.

Exact interface   
sync interval 2 hours15 min5 min
start mode apps on-demandon-demandalways running



own domain name  checkcheck
own email address  checkcheck
custom background login  checkcheck
custom classification tiles  checkcheck
styling changes   check


quick ordering

favorites checkcheckcheck
reorder  checkcheck
csv upload  checkcheck
visual search  checkcheck
order lists (add-on)  €25check
order book (add-on)  €35€35


marketing (upselling/cross selling)

minimum order amount  checkcheck
offer slider or tile on homepage  checkcheck
new/offer labels  checkcheck
open catalog (before login)  €35check
message center (add-on)  €35€35



classification depth 133
assortment classification based on article groups check
assortment classification check
product features/filters based on free fields in Exact  checkcheck
Customer-specific assortment based on Exact price lists  €35€35



customer-specific prices checkcheckcheck
display recommended price (free field in exact)  checkcheck
gross price and net price  checkcheck
show discount tables  checkcheck


several orderers

multiple login accounts per customer   check
access management   check
budget management   check
management visibility prices   check
order approval flow  checkcheck



multiple shop languages  checkcheck
multiple product languages   check
multiple currencies   check



country-specific shipping costs   check
delivery schedules per customer  €35€35


methods of payment

payment method Exact checkcheckcheck
payment method different from Exact  checkcheck
payment via PSP  checkcheck


other modules

representatives  €165€165
downloads  €25€25
PIM  €195€195
product tables   €65€65
authorizations  €45€45
footer navigation/pages  €45€45



You choose between a term of 1 month or 1 year. For a one-year term, you get 2 months free. Subscriptions are billed monthly. All amounts are exclusive of VAT. Contracts are automatically renewed for the duration of the agreed term, unless cancelled no later than 1 month before the renewal date. You can switch to a higher version in the meantime.